Mission and Monster Squad
We're a bloodthirsty group of international horror fanatics. Basically, the ideal audience for your work. Unlike some other festivals, we watch every entry multiple times. We eat, sleep, and breathe horror.

We're based out of Missouri although our judges are from all over the states (Florida, California, etc.) with one in the UK and another in Australia but there's not really one specific person in charge. Just a group of passionate individuals running it together thanks to the power of the internet. We're keeping it anonymous so the judges won't have any outside influences but we're in it for the long haul. We love horror movies, and we want to make one of the best damn online festivals out there.

Our goal is to help you expand the audience for your work and take home some prestigious awards in the process. We definitely understand how grueling it is to make a good scary movie or write a creepy script so don't worry if your budget was tiny. All entries get a fair chance.